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EE101 Insight-Pro®

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Embedded System Debugger and Analyzer with Integrated Current Measurement

Eyes Into Your Design

An EE101 Insight-Pro™ is an easy-to-use tool for analyzing today's IoT and embedded firmware/hardware systems.


Build Amazing Things

It gives you clear, concise insight into your design's operation so you can measure, learn, optimize, debug, validate and get to market quickly.


Fast and Easy

Easy, Powerful and Unique. No other tool gets you faster answers.

EE101 Insight-Pro Features

Get the Data Quickly to Make Smart Design Decisions

for (x=0; ...

Real-Time Firmware Debugger

Dual Processor Multi-Channel Text and Data Graphing


Battery Life = ...

Current Waveform Analyzer

Measure System Current to Extend IoT and Embedded Battery Life


XYZ, °F, °C, ...

Sensor Data Analyzer

Streaming Real-Time Capture of Sensor Data


1101100 3.25V...

Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

Up to 72Msps Time Synchronized Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope Channels


Start, Stop, NAK...

I2C / SPI / UART Analyzer

High Speed Hardware Protocol Decoding, Monitoring and Capture



Powerful Capture Engine

Long Traces and Deep Buffers to Show the Whole Story


Real-Time Firmware Debugger

Dual Processor Multi-Channel Text and Data Graphing

Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope

Your Firmware Can Talk

The EE101 Insight-Pro™ presents firmware debugging information in a new way that dramatically improves the debug cycle.  It allows your processors to output both textual or value data which are then displayed synchronously in a waveform and table view.  These traces show detailed timing of real-time operation of your design.

Text Output and Value Data Graphing

The EE101 Insight-Pro captures textual debug output similar to printf debugging on multiple channels with detailed timing visible between all messages.  It also graphs the value data from internal firmware variables, such as acceleration, RSSI levels, or battery charge and can log this data over days or weeks.  And since multiple processors and busses can be captured simultaneously you can see the interaction between separate parts of your system.  For example, the above image shows debug output from two separate sides of a Bluetooth wireless system.


Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer I2C and SPI  

Which Gives You

Deep Traces of Your System and Sensor Data

The Results of Your Algorithms and Control Functions

Accelerometer Data read by the firmware graphed over time

Temperature Data measured over the entire weekend

Battery Voltage during extended operation

RSSI Values for each received packet graphed over time

Transmit Channel Frequency while frequency hopping

System State, memory level, FIFO depth or bit error counts over time

... and ANY other firmware knowledge such as value, result, informative message, error condition, sensor data, link status, button press, etc.

Current Waveform Analyzer

Extend and Optimize IoT and Embedded Battery Life

Current Probe, Current Analysis

What's the Current

Modern embedded systems require an efficient use of current to prolong battery life. 


When's the Current

The EE101 Insight-Pro is capable of measuring instantaneous current of an embedded system and including it in the trace waveform display so that you can see exactly when and what is using the current in your system.  Combined with the firmware output debug messages you can easily pinpoint areas of your system that can be optimized.


IoT and Embedded Current and Power Measurements for Longer Battery Life

In Real-Time Over Long Periods

The capture above shows current consumption of a Bluetooth-LE device while Advertising on 3 channels.  The capture to the left shows the current as various parts of a PSoC IC are shut off by the firmware to isolate the effect of each of the IC components.


Battery Life Calculation

Battery life is calculated based on the measured current profile so that you can make a firmware change and see the resulting effect on battery life in a matter of seconds. 


The Mystery is Solved

Never wonder about what is taking your current again.

Sensor Data Analyzer

Streaming Real-Time Capture of Sensor Data

Oscilloscope Output

Seeing Is Believing

Modern systems include a multitude of sensors that are all providing environmental and physical feedback to our processors. For the first time, the EE101 Insight-Pro lets engineers watch this sensor data live, and in real time as the device is operating.

From Raw to Results

Not only can you see the raw sensor data that is read by your processors, but you can also output the results of your internal calculations, filters or state variables based on the sensor input and see them all time-correlated on the same waveform display.

Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

Time Synchronized Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope Channels

IoT Current Measurements

Logic Analyzer to 72 Msps

Oscilloscope to 1 Msps


No Embedded System Analyzer would be complete without the ability to capture logic and analog signals. The EE101 Insight-Pro is no exception with its 8 digital logic inputs with variable voltage thresholds, and 2 analog channels that can operate single-ended or high resolution differential.

Current Probe, Current Analysis


Long Trace Tailored

We love long capture traces and you will too. Since all bus decoding and debug output is handled in high-speed 72MHz hardware, these logic and analog inputs are intended to capture slower moving signals. This results in much smaller capture traces that can span weeks or months of capture time.


Fast When You Need It

And for when you are confirming your bus timing or looking for glitches, use the High Speed mode that samples up to 72Msps for logic and 1Msps for analog.


I2C / SPI / UART Analyzer

High-Speed Protocol Decoding and Capture

I2C Decoder, I2C Analyzer, I2C Monitor

Let's Talk Communication

The EE101 Insight-Pro can capture and decode multiple channels of the three most popular serial communication busses on the planet: I2C, SPI and UART.


And since all of the decoders are built using high-speed programmable logic (and not performed in the computer software) these busses can be fast!


I2C to 10MHz?  Yes it can decode that, even if your IC's can't keep up!

I2C Decoder, I2C Analyzer, I2C Monitor


Make It Easy

Decoding bus traffic could not be easier. Connect the wires, select the bus in the dropdown box, and the EE101 Insight-Pro does the rest. It will tell you if you have the lines swapped and automatically determine the baud rate, leaving very little between you and the data you need from your design.

Powerful Capture Engine

Long Traces and Deep Buffers to Show the Whole Story

Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope


Capture It Fast


No slow software bus decoding or debug capture here. The EE101 Insight-Pro implements updatable high speed programmable logic to accurately decode and capture your critical system events at full speed and in real-time.


Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope


Capture It All


The EE101 Insight-Pro then streams the data to your computer's disk for insanely long captures that are certain to show the whole story of your systems operation.


Capture What Other Logic Analyzers / Oscilloscopes Can't


  • Debug Multiple processors simultaneously
  • EE101 Debug Output, I2C, SPI and UART Decodes
  • Up to 72 Msps Logic Analyzer and 1 Msps Oscilloscope
  • Automatic Setup
  • Streamed to Disk
  • Unlimited Capture Time
  • Real-Time Viewing During Capture
  • Current Measurement and Profiling
  • 1-Wire (UART) or 2-Wire (GPIO) Interface from Any Processor
  • Time-stamped to 1us Resolution
  • Up to 10MHz Interface Clock
  • Output Text or Data Values
  • Data Logger to disk
  • Automatically Graph Value Data
  • Timing Markers for Fast Measurements
  • Search and Filter
  • Data Export to CSV files
  • Logic Analyzer and Single Ended Oscilloscope Inputs
  • High Resolution Differential Analog Input
  • Runs on Windows and Mac

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Designed and Manufactured in California, USA

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