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Complete IoT and Embedded System Analysis

Analyze Power Consumption, Firmware, Hardware, Digital, Analog, I2C, SPI, UART


An EE101 Insight-Pro™ is a tool for analyzing todays IoT and Embedded firmware systems. It gives you clear, concise insight into your designs operation so you can learn, investigate, debug and find and fix bugs quickly. It captures and displays Power Consumption, Logic Analyzer digital data, Oscilloscope analog data including current measurements, I2C, SPI and UART decoded data and Firmware Debug Output using the new EE101 interface.  The EE101 Insight-Pro™ interfaces to your firmware using simple "printf" like calls.  This gives you access to data that is not contained on an external bus and shows you the internal information that only your embedded firmware knows.  EE101 Insight-Pro™ gives you the easiest IoT and Embedded Power Consumption Analyzer, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, and Protocol Analyzer functions that get you a clear understanding of your systems operation and helps you profile and find problems quickly.   


Discover How Your Design Really Works

Get to Know the EE101 Insight-Pro

Real-Life Case Studies

Blazingly Fast Debug - Faster Than Logic Analyzer / Oscilloscopes

IoT Current Measurements

The EE101 Insight-Pro™ presents firmware information in a new way that dramatically improves the debug cycle. It mixes the "printf" style debug statements with a mixed signal oscilloscope that shows detailed timing of real-time operation of your design. It also automatically graphs internal firmware variables, such as acceleration, RSSI levels, battery charge and can log this data over days or weeks. It is similar to the other USB based logic analyzers / oscilloscopes / bus analyzers but none have this specialized firmware debug capability and they can only sniff and decode busses that are external to the chips. These other products leave the firmware designer bit counting and packet analyzing to extract information instead of looking at the direct answer.


I2C, SPI, UART Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

IoT Current and Power Measurements

To Extend the Battery Life of Your Designs

IoT and Embedded Current and Power Measurements for Longer Battery Life


Real-Time Analysis of Your Complete System

Visualize Your IoT / Embedded Current, Firmware and Bus Data

Simultaneous Multi-Processor Debugging

Using Two Dedicated EE101 Inputs - The capture below shows both sides of a Bluetooth-LE system transmitting and receiving data.

Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope

Maximize Battery Life of IoT and Embedded Designs

Combined Power Analysis, Firmware Debug Output, Digital, Analog, I2C, SPI, UART

System Current Analysis Capture in Real-Time

Using the High Resolution Differential Analog Input - The capture below shows current consumption of a Bluetooth-LE device while Advertising on 3 channels.  This is done by adding a small value resistor in series with the supply, and measuring the voltage drop over that resistor using the differential input.  Here we use a 1 Ohm resistor that gives 1mV = 1mA.  As seen below this BLE device consumes about 27mA during a BLE TX transaction.  Never wonder again about your systems battery life.

Current Probe, Current Analysis Current Probe, Current Analysis Current Probe, Current Analysis

I2C, SPI, UART Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

"I Wish Someone Had Told Me About This Sooner..."

The EE101 Embedded Insight-Pro™ makes it a easy to automatically view:

  • How your System Actually Works

  • Datalogger Captures of Your System and Sensor Data

  • Instantaneous Current Consumption in Real Time using the High Resolution Differential Analog Input

  • Incoming Sensor Data

  • The Results of Your Algorithms and Control Functions

  • Live I2C, SPI or UART Bus traffic

  • Accelerometer Data read from the I2C or SPI Bus graphed over time

  • Temperature Data measured over the entire weekend

  • Battery Voltage during extended operation

  • RSSI Values for each received packet graphed over time

  • Transmit Channel Frequency while frequency hopping

  • System State, memory level, FIFO depth or bit error counts over time

... and ANY other firmware knowledge such as value, result, informative message, error condition, sensor data, link status, button press, etc.

Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer I2C and SPI

I2C, SPI, UART Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

Debug Smart. Debug Strong.

Easy to Use with Instant Graphing, Logging and Visibility

  • Debug Multiple processors simultaneously
  • EE101 Debug Output, I2C, SPI and UART Decodes
  • Automatic Setup
  • Streamed to Disk
  • Unlimited Capture Time
  • Real-Time Viewing During Capture
  • 1-Wire (UART) or 2-Wire (GPIO) Interface from Any Processor
  • Timestamped to 1us Resolution
  • Up to 10MHz Interface Clock
  • Output Text or Data Values
  • Data Logger to disk
  • Automatically Graph Value Data
  • Timing Markers for Fast Measurements
  • Search and Filter
  • Data Export to CSV files
  • Additional Logic Analyzer and Single Ended Oscilloscope Inputs
  • High Resolution Differential Analog Input
  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
 EE101 Logic Analyzer

Oscilloscope Output

Instantly Get the Data You Need - In Real-Time

Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope

I2C, SPI, UART Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

Powerful. Affordable. Cross Platform.

EE101 Insight-Pro™

EE101 Debug Channel Inputs

  • EE101 Debug Connections: 2
  • Each Debug Connection can be 1 or 2 wires
  • 1-wire UART Mode up to 3MBaud
  • 2-wire GPIO Mode with Clock and Data Pins
  • Compatible with ANY microprocessors I/O pins
  • Up to 10MHz Clock
  • 1us Timestamp resolution
  • Voltage Input Range 0-5V
  • Logic Threshold 0-4V variable suitable for 1V to 5V logic
  • Input Impedance 10Kohm || 10pF

Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope Inputs

  • Up to 8 digital inputs and 2 Analog Inputs
  • Sampled every debug message (90ksps max)
  • Voltage Input Range 0-5V
  • High Resolution Differential +/-2V Input
  • Differential Analog Resolution 15.6uV
  • Logic Threshold 0-4V variable suitable for 1V to 5V logic
  • Input Impedance 200Kohm || 10pF
  • Analog Resolution 1.24mV
  • Digital Hysteresis 115mV

Capture And Display

  • Streams Data to Disk
  • Unlimited Capture Time
  • Real-Time Updates During Capture
  • 1us Timestamp resolution
  • Maximum Average Throughput: 500k Bytes Per Second
  • Output Text, 8, 16 or 32 bit signed/unsigned values
  • Timing markers for fast measurements
  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

I2C, SPI and UART Bus Capture

  • Up to 2 Bus Connections
  • Up to 10MHz SPI or I2C Clock
  • Autobaud UART up to 3Mbaud
  • 1us Timestamp resolution
  • Voltage Input Range 0-5V
  • Logic Threshold 0-4V variable suitable for 1V to 5V logic

Search and Filter

Data Export to CSV files

Software Download

Windows, Mac and Linux Software.  Runs in Demo Mode Without EE101.

User's Manual

How to Get the Most Out of the EE101.

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EE101 Insight-Pro™

EE101 Insight-Pro Pod, USB Cable, Windows and Mac Software, User's Manual, Test Leads and Clips

EE101 Insight-Pro